Meet Zach Knapp

Zach KnappZach Knapp, Realtor

Zach was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
Ever since he was young, he’s been fascinated with every aspect
of real estate and investing in real estate. Being a native to the
Eastern Shore for almost 30 years, he’s spent countless hours
reading, studying the market, and perfecting his lifelong craft.

Zach is well respected on the Eastern Shore, not only for his
tenacity and high ethical standards, but for being an honest,
hard working family man who does everything in his power
to ensure his clients’ success.

Outside of real estate, Zach and his girlfriend, Francesca,
enjoy flying airplanes, being out on the water, spending time
with family, and building anything, but average dreams
with the ones they love most.

Zach chose a career with CR Realty not only for their hard work
and dedication to each and every one of their clients, but for their
unparalleled ability to constantly strive to go above and beyond
what any other agency can offer.

If you want anything other than average,
choose Zach and the CR Realty Team
to handle all your real estate needs and together
we’ll make your dreams come true today!

We are committed to serving Maryland’s Eastern Shore with quality real estate experiences, so “When Standing Out Matters,” call CR Realty!